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Ease into Easter - A short hike

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

So today is Easter Sunday, and after a bit of a restless sleep, I woke up with a stuffy head.

Looking outside, the sun was shining and the wind very light, it was the perfect morning for a walk...... I just wasn't feeling it at all!!!!

I made a coffee, thinking that would be the cure, but no!

I asked my wife if she fancied going for a little ramble, but she was more than happy staying in the cosiness of the house with her book. Ah, I know, lets see if the boys fancy it!!! Son number 1, still snoring.... Son number 2, about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Not that I could blame them, as I wasn't feeling it either...... BUT, i got out my small pack, grabbed my walking boots and attire and then looked at a couple of short trails on my AllTrails app (feel free to give me a follow - AllTrails - LadVenture

I knew I only had about 2 hours, including travel time, as we were due for a lovely Easter roast dinner at the in-laws, but I found what looked like a nice little flat woodland walk at 100 Acre Woods, near Wickham, Hampshire.

So of I went in my car, by myself to blow out the cobwebs on this lovely Sunday morning

Upon arrival, I was surprised to see how busy it was. Cars were parked everywhere and families all out with picnic tables, blankets, cricket sets etc in the public picnic area.

Although this is pretty much a 15 minute drive from my house, I have never been here so I didn't know what to expect and I was hoping and praying that I would get a bit of isolated time on the trail itself.

Nevertheless, I set off in the 3.5 mile, figure of 8 route, to see what it was like.

The beginning of the trails was on a relatively wide track, lined both sides with tree's.

After about a quarter of a mile, the track was now much quieter and away from the hustle and bustle of the picnic area and the leisurely dog walkers. The trail seemed to narrow a lot more in places and there were a few small streams to cross or adjacently walk along on the way..

The second half of the trail, was quite muddy, but was actually welcomed as it gave me a bit to think about whilst navigating through the route.

This part was completely isolated, and coupled with the non-existant wind and perfect powder blue sky, it was absolute bliss.

My once stuffy head was gone, my body was feeling the workout and I felt great and I wished I had chosen a longer trail or had more time to do it.

I guess the moral here is, even if you're just not feeling it, get out there and you'll feel so much better for it.

Have a great day everyone and Happy Easter.

A BIG thank you to the Jits into The Sunset Podcast for keeping me company on my walk today.

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